Since graduating from the University of Liverpool in 2016 with a First in BA Marketing, I have stayed in Liverpool working as a Sales and Marketing Executive for a local digital agency.

What does your role involve and what is a typical work day like?

As a Sales and Marketing Executive for a marketing agency, my role covers everything agency based including its social media, blogs and events. I also spend a portion of my time working client side as a content writer. This content can vary from blogs, to whitepapers, to event and website copy. I also organise events for the agency, such as our masterclasses and Growth through Marketing events.

My role is very collaborative as I work closely with our designer, project manager, and services team to deliver the best marketing campaigns for the agency.  

Why did you choose to study at the University of Liverpool Management School?

When I was considering Universities, I was determined to land a place in a Russell Group University. The UoL Management School was highly credited and had a great history behind it, which furthered the appeal. After speaking to a family friend that had studied Marketing at the Management School and hearing about her experience with the University, I decided to apply for place on the course.

How did your course prepare you for your current job?

I use much of the strategic thinking and planning I learnt in my degree in my job. Essentials like the strategic thinking and consumer psychology really helped me to understand our customers and how to create effective marketing strategy documents. This along with core skills such as communication and time management, has been extremely helpful when working with team members and clients.

What was the most rewarding element of the course?

I really enjoyed the independent coursework we gave me more creative direction with the content.  The Digital Marketing and Independent Study Module really allowed me to explore the topics I found interesting, and having the opportunity to collaborate with lecturers was extremely beneficial.

What did you enjoy most about your student experience?

Whilst I loved the challenge of studying I ended up developing much more than marketing knowledge in my time at university. I grew to be independent, and learnt what I wanted to do with my life! The memories I have from my three years at university, and the network of friends I made are invaluable to me. My student experience also sparked my love for the city of Liverpool. I enjoyed how different it was to my home in North Wales, and I decided I wanted to find a job here for the foreseeable future.

Did you undertake an internship/placement? 

I pursued a three month internship in a marketing agency after graduating and was lucky enough to be offered a job there after proving my merit.

What are your future career goals?

I’m hoping to eventually work my way up to being a Marketing Manager or Director. I want to earn more responsibility and to evolve beyond my current role in the agency to be more involved in the strategic planning of campaigns, and eventually be an integral part of the creative process.