Graduate Ambassadors

Our Graduate Ambassadors are a network of recent graduates from our undergraduate programmes, who share best practice within the sector, and provide advice for students and graduates wishing to expand their knowledge.

You can find out more about the Graduate Ambassadors below. If you would like more information, please email

chloe mills

Chloe Mills

Chloe Mills who is currently a marketing assistant at Chic PR & Events, is actively seeking to start her own company in digital communications. Working whilst a student at university taught Chloe how to effectively use her time. Her favourite experience at university was meeting people from a rage of diverse backgrounds.
Chloe’s top-tip for students:
Get organised at the beginning. It will help you to make the most of your time.  

parichart yeh

Parichart Yeh

Working as a Marketing Executive at Henkel Ltd in Thailand, Parichart Yeh would like to advance her career by becoming a marketing manager, gaining further experience within the industry and pursuing a master’s degree. Her experience at ULMS taught her to be a confident and independent individual. She met life-long friends, together gaining experiences on the academic side and the social life in Liverpool.
Parichart’s top-tip for students:
Don’t learn from your academic work alone. Venture outside into local businesses to learn from them. 


connor brinsdon

Connor Brinsdon

Connor Brinsdon, a marketing graduate at Vertu Motors Plc, aspires to gain enough experience in the industry to ultimately move to marketing and PR for local record labels and artists. Throughout his time at University, Connor particularly enjoyed creating, marketing and selling a new product during his Entrepreneurship module.
Connor’s top-tips for students:
Don’t take yourself too seriously. You have plenty of time to learn and grow.


nicola mintern

Nicola Mintern

Nicola Mintern graduated in 2017 with a degree in Marketing. She currently works for Manning Gottlieb OMD as an Investment Assistant in Audio Visual. Nicola’s experience at The University of Liverpool helped her mature and become much more confident. She now wishes to grow and broaden her work experience by increasing responsibility and taking a leadership role.
Nicola’s top-tips for students:
- Ask questions and use the help that is offered
- Partake in the Year in Industry programme.
- Take advantage of your time in Liverpool

charlotte smith

Charlotte Smith

Marketing intern at Waddesdon Manor, Charlotte Smith’s future career aspirations is to be become a Global Marketing Manager.
Her top-tip for students:
- Try and get a placement somewhere with a well-established programme
- Develop resilience and don’t give up on your goals and opportunities 

kate angus 2018 circle

Kate Angus

Kate is undertaking a graduate scheme specialising in Search Engine Optimisation at Epiphany. In the future, she seeks to engage in more digital marketing and lead a digital team within the technology industry. During her time at University, Kate was part of a sports club committee as a Social & Welfare Secretary during her second year and a President during her third year.
Kate’s top-tips for students:
- Make the most of lecturers and their wealth of experience 
- Try to obtain work experience or an internship during the summer holidays
- Make the most of the library resources and learning opportunities like ULMS Extra

Charlotte Sears, Accounting and Finance with a Year in Industry 2018

Charlotte is undertaking a graduate programme with KPMG, having undertaken a placement with their Restructuring Department. Her top tips include:

- This area of work is competitive. It is important to develop resilience and not to take the knock-backs to heart.
- Strive for the jobs you want and gain experience to develop skills and gain insight into recruitment processes.

Anthony Hoad, Accounting and Finance with a Year in Industry 2018

Anthony is an Investment Banking Analyst at HSBC. His top tips include:

- Apply early in the recruitment cycle but stay aware of any last-minute opportunities that need to be filled.
Speaking to graduates already in the industry really helped me in interviews by being able to demonstrate that I understood the tasks involved.

Lukasz Jaworski, Accounting and Finance 2018

Lukasz is currently studying for Master’s degree at the London School of Economics. His top tip is:

Try to meet as many people and join as many societies as possible to enhance your outlook and understanding

Hannah Suddaby, Marketing with a Year in Industry 2018

Hannah is a Marketing Executive at a renewables company. Her top tips are:

- Follow something that you have a passion for
- Small businesses are intense but so much fun and you will learn so much more - I was in a big company on my placement year and while there are clear benefits to this, I have gained more experience working in a small business and having greater responsibility as a result