Terms & Conditions of Use

Your University of Liverpool Loyalty Plus Scheme can be accessed using your Student Card / Staff Card or via your mobile phone (by simply downloading the app).  Your Student/Staff Card contains a number of ‘cash purses’ allowing you to top-up and then to make purchases.

The use of the Loyalty Plus scheme is governed by these Conditions. When you use your Loyalty Plus account you are deemed to have accepted these Conditions.


‘Cardholder’, ‘You’ means the person authorised by The University of Liverpool (UoL) to use a Student/Staff Card.
‘UoL’, ‘we’ means the University of Liverpool.
‘Loyalty Plus Scheme’ means account provided to you that allows the storage of funds and the use of those funds for purchases within UoL and at selected merchants.

Terms & Conditions

  1. All students and staff along with selected commercial tenants and residents will receive a first Staff / Student Card free of charge.
    • For new students this is usually at the point of registration for your course.
    • For staff, commercial tenants and residents this will be issued by the owning department.

      Note: Staff and students with existing cards will not need to change their card. The new Loyalty Plus scheme will be automatically enabled on all currently active cards.
  2. The University Of Liverpool Student / Staff Card remains the property of the University at all times.
  3. You are responsible for keeping your Student/Staff card safe and we suggest that you treat the card in the same way that you would treat cash. If it is lost or stolen, you may lose some or all of the money on the Loyalty Plus account, in the same way as if you lost cash in your wallet or purse. You must therefore keep your Student/Staff card safe and not let anyone else use it.
  4. You must take all reasonable care to prevent the card being damaged, lost, stolen or misused, and a charge may be made for a replacement.
  5. Any member of University staff, including Hall Managers, Wardens, or Security may ask to see the University of Liverpool Student/Staff card for verification purposes.
  6. Funds can be added to the Loyalty Plus account up to a maximum value of £50,000.
  7. The Loyalty Plus account can be used to make payments at numerous locations on campus including the University Catering Outlets, Bars, Retail outlets and Ness Botanic Gardens. Some of these facilities attract a discount over cash payment, which is advertised at the location.
  8. Certain items cannot be purchased using your Loyalty Plus account. All exceptions will be clearly communicated at the point of sale by the cashier.
  9. The Loyalty Plus account can only be used for purchases that are equivalent to or less than the value of the available funds in your Loyalty Plus account. Purchase of items where the value exceeds the funds available will require an additional payment method to pay for the remaining balance.
  10. There is no minimum spend using the Loyalty Plus account.
  11. Loyalty Plus account balances are not transferable. Account balances cannot be exchanged for cash.
  12. The Loyalty Plus account terms apply in addition to the usual terms and conditions for purchase you are making. If you have any concerns or complaints regarding a purchase that you have made using Loyalty Plus, you should contact the retailer at the outlet where the purchase was made.
  13. Only you can make purchases using Loyalty Plus. You must not allow anyone else to use your Student/Staff card to access your Loyalty Plus funds. Any improper use or attempted use by anyone other than the cardholder constitutes a fraud against the University, and disciplinary actions may be taken.
  14. If your Student/Staff card is lost or stolen you must ensure it is deactivated immediately to ensure that any balance is protected, and as you may have to pay for any purchases made before the card is deactivated. You can deactivate the card online at any time.
  15. The University of Liverpool will not be held responsible for losses as a result of unauthorised transactions prior to you reporting the Student Card missing.
  16. Information on replacements for damaged, lost or stolen cards can be obtained from loyalty.plus@liverpool.ac.uk. For staff, a new card will be issued on request. For students a charge of £5 will be made. The following exceptions apply:
    • If the Student card has a technical fault, then a free of charge replacement will be issued.
    • For stolen Student cards, where a crime incident number is provided, then a free of charge replacement will be issued.
  17. The Loyalty Plus system records all transactions on your Loyalty Plus account. If a new card has to be issued the balance from your old card will be automatically transferred onto it.
  18. You can check your balance and transaction history at any time using the Loyalty Plus mobile app or the Loyalty Plus web portal. If you are concerned with any transaction on your account, you should raise this immediately with loyalty.plus@liverpool.ac.uk.
  19. Any unspent balance will remain on your Loyalty Plus account for use through to the next academic year of your studies.
  20. The University of Liverpool doesn’t undertake to do refunds against cash loads whilst you are a student, staff member, commercial tenant or resident of the University.
  21. When you leave the University of Liverpool, any unspent balance on your Loyalty Plus account is non-refundable and every effort should be made to ensure that balances are spent before the completion of your course.
  22. The University of Liverpool reserves the right to deactivate or temporarily suspend your Loyalty Plus account in certain circumstances (e.g. if we have concerns that the account is being misused).
  23. Misuse of the Loyalty Plus account may result in withdrawal of your account, and may result in disciplinary action being taken by the University. Any fraudulent or criminal activity will be reported to the police.
  24. Vine Court catering packages are for your personal use on production of a valid Student card and cannot be transferred or passed on to any other person. It only operates during term time periods for students resident in Vine Court that have chosen to pay for the fully catered package.
  25. Vine Court catering package meals not taken will be ‘lost’ and cannot be carried forward to the next meal time or to the following day. Loyalty Plus accounts will be cleared of any unused meals once a day.
  26. Vine Court catering package refunds will not be given for non-use of any credits, except in exceptional circumstances. This will be at the sole discretion of the Residential and Commercial Services Department and will be considered on an individual basis.
  27. The University of Liverpool use a specialist provider to load funds onto your Loyalty Plus account and the University doesn’t record debit/credit card details. Once a payment is made there may be a short delay of up to 15 minutes to process the transaction to your Loyalty Plus account.
  28. The University of Liverpool may, from time to time contact the Loyalty Plus account holder with offers of goods and services. Typically this will be, but not limited to, your University email address.
  29. Automatic top-up. It is possible to set your Loyalty Plus account to be automatically topped-up from a debit or credit card once the balance reaches an agreed lower limit. If automatic top-up is selected, a lower and an upper limit is set by the payer and once the lower limit is reached the balance will be topped-up to the value of the upper limit. The payer can end automatic top-up at any time by cancelling the option in the payment portal.
  30. We may change the Loyalty Plus scheme (or these terms) at any time and we will give you at least 30 days’ notice of any such changes.
  31. These terms and conditions are made under English law.