Student Support

Ongoing Support

We want you to enjoy your time at the University of Liverpool in London and hope that nothing will stop you getting the best out of your studies.  

If you do need a bit of help or if you need more specialist advice, the Student Experience Team can refer you to the right people or services to assist you with your individual query.

Academic Language and Skills

The English Language Centre is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality standards in English Language teaching and has been helping international students for over 25 years. Whilst studying in London, you will enjoy classes led by highly qualified, dedicated teachers which can have a real impact on your performance on your academic programme.


The English Language Centre provides an innovative programme of English language support for international students studying at the University, with classes developed in close collaboration with your academic department. These popular classes are:

  • free of charge
  • taught by highly-experienced, approachable English tutors who are fully committed to helping you develop your language skills
  • provided throughout the academic year, giving ample time for you to make significant improvements to your use of English
  • designed to develop your Academic English skills generally and also, in many cases, to provide very specific support focussing on your own particular subject area

Regular attendance can make a significant contribution to your performance on your main study programme and help you achieve your full academic potential. 

Our English Language Pre-sessional and ongoing support is British Council accredited. This accreditation is a guarantee of quality in teaching, resources and welfare of the University of Liverpool in London English Languagesupport.

If you would like further information about the courses, please contact


Students can get advice and support regarding tuition fees, scholarships, bursaries and general budgeting from the Student Experience Team. Contact the Student Experience team for advice.

Disability and Welfare

Experienced staff are available to offer advice and work with students on a wide variety of issues including homesickness, stress, and mental health or disability support. Students also have access to a professional counselling service.