MSc Business Law and Economics

Please note that this programme is currently under review by the University and may not be available to study in 2018.  Further details will be made available here in due course.

Employers across the globe are looking to recruit multidisciplinary experts in compliance, governance, competition and regulatory issues. This programme will equip you with that expertise.

DURATION: 12 months
START DATE(S): September 2018
CONTACT: Professor Bruno Deffains

The MSc Business Law and Economics programme has been established by our Law School and Management School in response to growing demands from national and international employers for law and economics experts who can make informed choices in governance, competition and regulatory compliance issues increasingly facing firms in the international business environment.

During the programme, you will work on analysing and solving the economic and legal problems which many organisations encounter from increasing global competition and at times opposing and clashing regulatory demands emanating from the national, EU and transnational legal systems. The programme will also familiarise you with economic dynamics underlying the legal and management choices made by firms. Our programme is also sensitive to global justice issues caused by the increasing globalisation of business practices and the increasing competitive pressures facing businesses.

Upon graduation, you will be able to communicate and work collaboratively with others with a law, management and economics background in a professional environment generating synergies and new knowledge. As a result of your participation in the programme, you will also be able to put your theoretical law and economics knowledge into practice to test or to develop policies and strategies for firms, governmental bodies, NGOs and other types of organisations.

As the legal rules and practices are changing, successful careers within companies require legal knowledge, business awareness and management skills. These interdisciplinary skills are necessary for future business lawyers, compliance officers working within companies confronted by a rapid change of the legal environment (banking and insurance, network industries, new technologies), as well as consultants in economics and business.