MSc Urban Design and Property Development

We are no longer accepting applications to study at our London campus.

If you were interested in this programme, you may wish to consider the MCD Town and Regional Planning based at our Liverpool campus.

DURATION: 12 months

Dr Clare Eriksson

This unique programme, one of the first of its kind in the UK, marries the related areas of property development and urban design. As a student, you will be engaged in exploring the dynamic connections between real estate valuation and the character of the built environment in one of the most rapidly changing property markets in the UK.

Internationally recognised as a centre for industries related to property development and architecture, London provides an ideal test bed for your studies; it is arguably the ideal city within which to study the production of the built environment from both an aesthetic and a commercial perspective.

The programme draws upon a range of expertise in Architecture and Urban Planning although no prior training in either is a pre-requisite. On completion of the course you will have covered modules in property development, design skills and urban planning that assume no subject specific background knowledge.

The programme equips graduates with the multidisciplinary skills that are key to the production of the built environment and are, as a consequence, much sought after by employers.