Design Year in London

An unrivalled opportunity to complete your University of Liverpool undergraduate degree, in one of the world's leading design destinations.

You are eligible to complete your third year of undergraduate study at our London campus if you are studying one of the following programmes:

  • Architecture
  • Urban Planning
  • Industrial Design

We are pioneering the shifting role of design in the physical, economic and social environment. We work collaboratively with academic, professional and and industrial partners in ways that cut across individual disciplines. This transdisciplinary approach combines with high levels of creativity and technology to create new and transformative responses to “real world” challenges.

We encourage a collaborative learning experience, which stimulates creativity, innovation and problem solving, while opening up new experiences and networks to boost your future prospects. In addition you have the opportunity of hands-on experience with virtual design technologies in our Virtual Engineering Centre.

Teaching is delivered by expert academics operating at the forefront of their field and specifically recruited to teach these programmes alongside existing University of Liverpool staff. Your learning outcomes and qualification will be unaffected by the change of location and there will be an interdisciplinary design orientation. 

You will graduate alongside fellow students at our Liverpool campus.

The difference in cost of living in London is recognised through the London Weighting of £2,572 which will be added to your student loan. We also offer a £2,000 London enhancement on the Liverpool Bursary for eligible students.

Develop skills, expertise and experience

Our London design studio takes a modern transdisciplinary approach, with effective collaboration across a range of academic disciplines in order to effectively tackle the design challenges of the 21st century.

Demand for expertise and skills within advanced modelling, simulation and immersive visualisation is strong within the region as many design and architecture practices have their headquarters and design teams based in and around London. Many businesses are finding it difficult to recruit staff that have experience of these emerging technologies. Capabilities such as creative problem solving and collaborative working are highly desirable. Our collaborative approach in London and the learning experience offered by our on-campus Virtual Engineering Centre, gives you a powerful edge to your future employability. 

Student Loan

If you are in receipt of a student loan from Student Finance, please note that you are able to receive an additional London weighting allowance to the loan to cover any further expenses you may have in London. Students who are also in receipt of the Liverpool Bursary who transfers to London will also have a London weighting allowance added to the bursary.

Find out more about the cost of living in London here.

How to apply

Details of the September 2020 application process will be announced here soon.  In the meantime, any queries should be directed to our London Student Experience Team at