Open for Business

Working in partnership with the University of Liverpool in London can support business development and provide a myriad of opportunities to develop collaborative partnership arrangements that enhance enterprise and innovation. 

Working with a research intensive Russell Group university can support your business in many ways: 

  • Knowledge transfer – access a powerhouse of knowledge and ideas
  • Premium services and facilities – benefit from our award winning premises and facilities.  Planning to hold an event?  Then contact us for information.
  • Access to a ready skilled workforce – access our highly skilled graduates or support the creation of work ready graduates equipped with the skills and knowledge required for your sector via a partnership approach
  • Gain a commercial advantage over competitors – through accessing our academic research and working with our academic staff to support business ideas and development
  • Benefit from flexible learning opportunities for your employees – with a range of bespoke services,  CPD and professionally focussed postgraduate programmes
  • Effective workforce development – involve your staff in the administration of placement provision, internships and a range of other activities that support individual professional development.

Contact us to discuss how we can work in partnership: