Fees and Finance

Fees and Finance - 2020 Entry

Fees cover the cost of your tuition, registration, examinations (but not resits) and graduation.

For more information about finance and funding, visit the postgraduate finance and funding pages.

MSc Accounting £14,000 £23,000
MSc International Accounting £14,000 £23,000
MSc Finance and Investment Management £14,000 £23,000
MSc Strategic Communication £14,350 £21,500
Postgraduate Award in Science and Technology Leadership  £6,996   £6,996 
MSc Advanced Transdisciplinary Design £11,500 £21,300
MSc Urban Design and Property Development £11,550 £21,300
MSc Urban Planning £11,550 £21,300

Financial Support

To see what financial support you may be eligible for, check our scholarships pages.

Study costs

We want to try and help you prepare for the day-to-day costs of studying. These might include things like photocopying in the library, buying textbooks and specialist equipment or going on field classes. We have put together tables of additional costs for guidance, for each subject area, including where departments make contributions towards these costs. Please see our study costs page for full details.