London has a population of approximately 7 million and whilst you do not need to be unduly worried about your safety in the city you should always be careful, as in most large cities. Here are some tips to help you keep safe:

• If you are out late at night always plan your route home in advance. There are useful apps that you can download onto your smart phone, such as Citymapper, or you can use the TFL journey planner

• Always use a licensed taxi – this should be a mini-cab you have pre-ordered or a black cab

• Try not to have large amounts of cash on you

• When you are at cash machines/ATMs always be aware of who is around you.  Where possible use a cash machine inside a branch of a bank

• Add an ICE (In Case of Emergency) number to your phone – this number is for the person that should be contacted in an emergency

• Do not walk through parks late at night and try to avoid walking long distances late at night – instead opt to use public transport or a licensed taxi

• Don’t leave your possessions/bags unattended while in public.