Travel in London

London Transport

London has a great travel network of trains, underground and buses to get you around the city. Sign up for an Oyster Card via the Transport for London (TFL) website to enable you to use it to pay for the cheapest fares on all London transport. Once you arrive and have enrolled at the University you will also be eligible to sign up to a Student Oyster Card that will save you 30% on weekly, monthly and annual Travelcards.

See full details regarding transport in London and Oyster cards on the TFL website:

National Rail Network

London has great train links provided by the National Rail network enabling you to travel to and from other cities in the UK easily. Once registered on your course you will be eligible to apply for the 16-25 year old rail card that offers 1/3 discount on train fare for all full time students (even those over 25).

Use these websites for more information and prices of train journeys:

Travelling by Coach

London is serviced by various coach routes around the country. This is usually the cheapest option for long distance travel.

Use these websites to check routes and prices:

Black Cabs and Mini-cabs
Black cabs are a classic sight on London streets and are readily available to transport you around London. You can hail them from the side of the road and they will charge a fee at the destination that is displayed on the meter inside the car.  

Minicabs are normal looking cars that have been licensed as taxis.  You are not able to hail these down in the streets but must have pre-ordered instead.  You should never get into a mini-cab that you have not pre-ordered.  You can download a free app for your phone by searching ‘Cabwise’ in your app store or visit the Cabwise website. This will assist you with locating your local mini cab office.

Taxis can be an expensive way to travel around London and most Londoners will use public transport.

Useful travel apps:

Trainline (IOS/Android)
Citymapper (IOS/Android)
Cabwise (IOS/Android