The Sea and Society

Achieving sustainable coasts and oceans must recognise the importance of understanding and enhancing human relationships with the sea. This is the focus of the LISCO sea and society theme which combines cutting edge research with active support for the development of ‘Blue Society’ - facilitating public engagement in marine and coastal affairs.

Drawing upon over 100 years of experience as the world’s first terrestrial planning school, the University of Liverpool pioneers the development of new marine planning systems in the UK and globally. We contribute to the work of the Maritime Spatial Planning Platform which serves as the gateway and exchange forum for everyone involved in MSP throughout Europe. We are founder members of the Marine Spatial Planning Research Network which brings together research and practice communities from across the social and natural sciences to contribute to progress in marine spatial planning. Integrated planning of the land and sea and transitional maritime governance are key research areas for LISCO

A key objective for LISCO is to bring coastal and marine stakeholders together and facilitate integrated approaches to coastal and marine planning and wider public engagement with the sea. Our members are active in a number of marine and coastal partnerships and this ‘Living Laboratory’ experience at the research /practice interface underpins this theme.


European Seas Territorial Development Opportunities and Risks

Transnational Planning in the European Atlantic

North Sea – Spreading Transnational Results

North West Coastal Forum

Irish Sea Maritime Forum

Celtic Seas Partnership

SIMCelt Supporting Implementation of Maritime Spatial Planning in the Celtic Seas