LIV-SRF Seminar Series

As part of a new series, Liverpool Shared Research Facilities (LIV-SRF) will be hosting its first seminar on 28th September.

Seminar 1 - Introduction to LIV-SRF

Date: Tuesday 28th September 2021

Time: Noon – 1pm

Location: Zoom

In this seminar, Prof Ian Prior (Director of LIV-SRF) will be providing an introduction to LIV-SRF, including an update on developments since the formation of LIV-SRF around 12 months ago and an indication of future priorities. In addition, the LIV-SRF thematic area leads (see below) will deliver a brief overview of the capabilities and expertise in their areas, and outline how facilities will be working together to optimise provision. A Q&A session will follow with the seminar ending at 1pm.

Bring your lunch and join us from noon onwards to hear about how our facilities can support your research.

Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions at the session but please feel free to send any comments or questions in advance to

Agenda as below:



Welcome and Introduction to LIV-SRF

Prof Ian Prior, Director of LIV-SRF


Prof Steve Paterson, Thematic Lead for Multi-Omics


Prof Harish Poptani, Thematic Lead for Bio-Imaging


Prof Ian Prior




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Future Seminars

Future sessions will focus on how our facilities and technologies are supporting particular areas of research as well as highlighting new technologies that might enable us to enhance and innovate our research. Seminars will be held on an approximately monthly basis.


LIV-SRF was established in October 2020, following a review of shared research facilities and technology platforms in Health and Life Sciences, and looks to build on the success of the Technology Directorate. We have an established portfolio of Shared Research Facilities (SRFs), led by academic experts and supported by dedicated technical staff to ensure that researchers have access to world-class equipment and expertise to pursue outstanding science.

Our ~20 SRFs are grouped around three main themes:

  • Bio-Imaging, includes light and electron microscopy, MRI, NMR, FACS/Cytometry and histology
  • Bio-Resources, includes in vivo facilities and gene editing
  • Multi-Omics, includes genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and bioinformatics


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