Online Tools

Online tools to help your research

To help you get the best from our facilities we’ve developed some online tools. They'll help you find the best approach and the right equipment for your research project.

Publications database

By using key words or phrases, you can search a database of publications from our facilities to quickly identify previous work that has used a particular approach or technology.

University of Liverpool Asset Registry

The University has more equipment than you might think. Our asset registry can help you locate any substantive equipment on campus, whether it’s supported by LIV-SRF or not.

North of England Asset Registry

The N8 consortium, comprising all the major research universities in the north of England, has compiled a searchable database of all the large items of equipment in the region.

University of Liverpool Researcher Hub

The Researcher Hub is a useful tool, providing Researchers with guidance, resources and support to help within your researcher role at the University.

Acknowledgements and Branding If you have used one of our Shared Research Facilities or have been awarded a voucher, please help us to maintain our funding by acknowledging us in any papers, posters or talks you give.