Centre for Preclinical Imaging

About the Centre

Our facility provides state-of-the-art technologies for non-invasive imaging in pre-clinical models and non-biological samples.   

CPI possesses high-field magnetic resonance imaging (9.4 T), optical imaging, ultrasound, photo-acoustic imaging, μCT, and PET+SPECT+CT systems.

We provide expertise in acquisition and processing of in vivo and ex vivo imaging data. Our services are available to academic staff of the University of Liverpool as well as other HEIs, and to industrial research partners.

As part of the University of Liverpool Technology Directorate, we foster an excellent collaborative environment for new and existing users and continuously strive to develop novel imaging methods for use in biological applications. Please contact us at service.cpi@liverpool.ac.uk with any enquiries.

The Centre has been funded in large part by capital award grants from the MRC (£3.3M), Wellcome Trust (£1.0M) with matching funds from the University of Liverpool. 

The University of Liverpool's policy on the use of animals in scientific research.