Underpinning Algorithmic Theory

UoL’s algorithms team is one of Europe’s largest. They have chaired top international conferences (including ICALP, STOC, IPDPS, ESA, PODC and SPAA) and act on numerous journals’ editorial boards (eg Algorithmica, Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing). Europe’s largest algorithms conference (ALGO) was held in Liverpool during 2010. The team’s expertise spans distributed algorithms, auctions, ontologies and networks and is focused on developing the algorithmic theory that will catalyse break-through analytics’ development: 

Prof Leszek Gasieniec (LG) is Head of CS at UoL, researching distributed algorithms. LG (h-index=30) is on editorial boards, including Journal on Discrete Algorithms, LMS Journal of Computation and Mathematics and has co-organised numerous conferences. He is renown through his work in distributed algorithms, efficient search methods and testing. 

Prof Piotr Krysta (PK) develops combinatorial auctions involving massive private input data provided by selfish (online) agents (eg telecom companies). PK develops mechanisms for truthfully eliciting, efficiently processing and aggregating this data. With more than 40 publications (including best paper at ICALP’12 and AAMAS’13), PK was an Emmy Noether Fellow of the German National Science Foundation (DFG) and has secured £1.2m of DFG and EPSRC funding. Dr Giorgos Christodoulou (GC) has related expertise in algorithmic mechanism design.

Prof Frank Wolter (FW) invented the combined approach to ontology-based data access (best paper at KR’10 and ISWC’13) and pioneered the discovery of a link between ontology-based data access and constraint satisfaction[C-6]. With over 100 publications (h-index=47), FW leads a research group on data integration, database query languages, and ontology-based data access. Dr Andre Hernich (AH)’s related work includes contributions to data exchange and the complexity of querying very large datasets.

Prof Paul Spirakis (PS) is a networks algorithm expert. PS is a Member of Academia Europaea, a Fellow of EATCS and a Member of the ACM Council for Europe. PS has published 121 journal papers and 235 conference papers. PS’s research holds a world record for approximating equilibria and he has recently published a book on population protocols. He is an editor for several journals (eg Algorithmica) and has chaired numerous conferences (eg ICALP). PS has led 19 EU projects (totalling €50M) and given over 120 Invited talks (eg at Berkeley and Max Planck). 

Dariusz Kowalski (DK) has related expertise (h-index=24) on efficient network communication. 

UoL also has experts in applying algorithms: eg Dr Prudence Wong , with more than 1000 citations, is an editor for the journal Algorithms and an expert in the design of (eg bio-inspired) algorithms to analyse massive biological datasets.