Sensor Experts

LBDN includes experts in spectrometry, imaging and communications data-sources: 

Prof Andy Jones (AJ) is co-lead for UoL’s Computational Biology Facility, providing data-centric services to support life scientists’ analysis of omics data. AJ has, since 2008, been awarded >£5M of BBSRC grants (14 as PI) for large scale (>Tb) “omics” data analysis, developing algorithms, software, databases and standards. AJ has published over 85 articles (6 in Nature Biotech), totalling more than 3000 citations.

Prof Lu-Yun Lian (L-YL) is Director of UoL’s NMR Centre for Structural Biology. She is an internally-recognised structural biologist, focused on the growth area of applying data analytics to NMR.

Prof Ke Chen (KC) heads research in UoL’s Centre for Mathematical Imaging Techniques (CMIT). CMIT interacts widely with industries for large-scale data analysis. KC (h-index=52) has over 12,000 citations and is PI for a £1.3m on-going EPSRC project with access to huge archives of medical imagery. UoL has also recently acquired a Zeiss LightSheet Z.1 (the UK has just 3), generating 1 Gb/s and Tbs per experiment and giving rise to data numerous analytic challenges and opportunities.

Prof Alan Marshall (AM) is a recognised global authority in programmable networks and in wireless security. AM recently discovered and reported the world’s first airborne virus for wifi networks, “Chameleon”, which received significant global press. AM holds patents in wireless security and in high-speed transmission systems. He has been general chair for numerous international conferences and is section editor for the BCS Computer Journal.