Domain Experts

LBDN includes phenomenological experts (in climate science, consumer data, medical statistics, pharmacology and Building Information Management (BIM)) who understand how Big Data can impact their domains: 

Prof Ric Willliams (RW) provides expertise in climate science. RW links to UoL’s shortlisted NERC CDT in risk mitigation through Big Data and Liverpool’s National Oceanography Centre (NOC). The NOC site at UoL is one of just two nationally, eg holding unparalleled international resources of oceanographic data.

Prof Alex Singleton (AS) is Deputy Director of ESRC’s Consumer Data Research Centre (including a secure data centre at UoL). AS’s research (published in 2 books and 27 journal articles, with ~570 citations) includes geo-spatial analysis for education, transport and retail.

Prof Paula Williamson (PWi) is NIHR Senior Investigator and chairs MRC’s HTMR’s Health Informatics Working Group. She has published ~200 articles, leads the Clinical Trials theme within the Health e-Research Centre and is a member of the Farr Institute. PWi pioneered the Core Outcome Measures in Effectiveness Trials Initiative to improve routine health records’ quality.

Prof Munir Pirmohamed (MP) is Director of UoL’s MRC Centre for Drug Safety Science, inaugural NIHR Senior Investigator and FMedSci (since 2013). MP has published ~360 papers (h-index=74) with ~20,000 citations. MP is PI on several projects using big data to identify drug responses’ genomic biomarkers and WEB-RADR

Prof Arto Kiviniemi (AK) is a world-leader in BIM who led a large national-level programme in 1997-2002 and has participated in developing International BIM data standards as well as the UK’s BIM strategy. 

Dr Michael Mair is a sociologist whose research interests include how big data and associated methodologies can be used to explore social, cultural, economic and political life. His recent work focuses on politics, accountability and method and spans research into combat-related killings, data leaks and the changing character of government and the state.

LBDN also includes: Joseph Savirumuthu, specialising in information security law and regulatory challenges posed by Big Data; Dr Zenon Michaelides, developing new Internet-enabled cloud computing business-models.