Batch Analytics Experts

LBDN’s analytics experts in high-volume data are focused on developing innovative solutions to applied problems (in text, biology, insurance, pensions and ecology) and developing machine learning algorithms: 

Dr Danushka Bollegala (DB) is a text and social media analytics expert, (eg working on text summarization, sentiment analysis, discourse analysis, entity resolution and relation extraction). DB was awarded the IEEE Japan Chapter Young Author Award and Best Paper at GECCO (both in 2011) and has authored over 70 papers. DB is behind a spin-out ( that maintains a people search engine.

Prof Francesco Falciani (FF) is director of the Centre for Computational Biology. With 60 publications (h-index=32), FF develops novel computational methods to address the most important statistical challenges faced when modelling complex biological systems, leading research projects addressing questions in inflammation, ageing and cancer and developing computational models for molecular networks’ evolution.

Prof Karl Tuyls (KT) is expert in machine learning, data mining and autonomous systems with application to large databases, computational biology, genealogy, telecoms, and economics (eg working with Europay international to design a prize-winning fraud detection system). Recent work used evolutionary game theory to predict financial markets’ behaviour (best paper at ALA2014). KT also led UoL teams that were RoboCup@Work University of Liverpool: Alan Turing Institute, Expression of Interest 4/8 world champions in 2013 and 2014. KT is editor-in-chief of the Springer briefs series on Intelligent Systems and a director of the International Foundation for Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems.

Dr Yannis Goulermas (YG) is expert in machine learning with over 60 journal papers. His analytic expertise resides in data reduction, neural networks, regression, geometric learning, and combinatorial data analysis with application across industrial monitoring, biomedical diagnostics, gait analysis and text mining. YG is an Associate Editor for IEEE Trans NNLS. 

Dr Peter Green is adept at using numerical Bayesian techniques to solve challenging problems related to mechanical systems. Pete joined has relatively recently joined UoL from the University of Sheffield.