Streaming Analytics Experts

LBDN’s high-velocity analytics experts are Bayesians with backgrounds in defence, epidemiological and economic applications and in improving the computational efficiency of the underpinning techniques. Find out more information about Streaming Analytics Experts.

Batch Analytics Experts

LBDN’s analytics experts in high-volume data are focused on developing innovative solutions to applied problems (in text, biology, insurance, pensions and ecology) and developing machine learning algorithms. Find out more information about Batch Analytics Experts.

Underpinning Algorithmic Theory

University of Liverpool’s algorithms team is one of Europe’s largest. They have chaired top international conferences (including ICALP, STOC, IPDPS, ESA, PODC and SPAA) and act on numerous journals’ editorial boards (eg Algorithmica, Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing). Europe’s largest algorithms conference (ALGO) was held in Liverpool during 2010. The team’s expertise spans distributed algorithms, auctions, ontologies and networks and is focused on developing the algorithmic theory that will catalyse break-through analytics’ development. Find out more information about Underpinning Algorithmic Theory.

Underpinning Infrastructure

University of Liverpool has experts in the infrastructure that supports Big Data. Find out more information about Underpinning Infrastructure.

Domain Experts

LBDN includes phenomenological experts (in climate science, consumer data, medical statistics, pharmacology and Building Information Management (BIM)) who understand how Big Data can impact their domains. Find out more information about Domain Experts.

Sensor Experts

LBDN includes experts in spectrometry, imaging and communications data-sources. Find out more information about Sensor Experts.