Industrial links

We have mature relationships with organisations that can translate algorithmic solutions into commercial offerings. Liverpool is unique in having an agile and dynamic SME community in the creative and digital sector. These SMEs are genuinely engaged in the knowledge base, poised to collaborate and ready to translate research into real economic value. University of Liverpool have the second highest rate of SME interactions for a UK University2: an exemplar UoL spin-out, AIMES, provides cloud and analytics services in multiple sectors with a very strong track record of winning TSB funding to test new markets. Examples of routes for University of Liverpool’s to achieve commercial exploitation of Big Data nationally and internationally include:

  • University of Liverpool’s Materials Innovation Factory - with Unilever (and proposed NIMRI);
  • Liverpool’s “Sensor City”, one of the first four University Enterprise Zones - a £15M innovation incubator for sensor technologies (eg Big Data);
  • Liverpool Bioinnovation Hub - a £20M business incubator for personalised medicine3.