Consumer Data Research Centre Secure Data Lab

The CDRC lab is one of only three sites to provide access to a range of record level national retailer data. To see what data are available to use, a catalogue of these information can be found on data.cdrc.ac.uk. The lab is available to any academic researcher with an approved project. For more information about using the lab, see guidance on the CDRC website.

High Performance Computing

Computing Services currently support four parallel computing (Beowulf) clusters with a variety of hardware and software configurations. These include clusters pertaining to 118 nodes each with 16 cores and 64 GB of memory as well as a large memory node with 128 cores and 2 TB of memory. A further 79 Westmere nodes with 12 cores each and 18 Nehalem nodes with 8 cores each have also been installed. All nodes are connected by a 40 gbit/s InfiniBand. There are 45 TB of networked storage for ordinary computations and a further 90 TB of parallel file storage for computations involving large amounts on I/O. For more information and access, contact the Computing Services Department.

Liverpool University has a strategic partnership with STFC Hartree, who recently received >£300M of investment and are a national centre of excellence in high performance computing and big data.