In 2013, University of Liverpool establishing the interdisciplinary Liverpool Big Data Network (LBDN). LBDN defines Big Data to be technology for realising the untapped economic potential within existing (and future) datasets. LBDN collates researchers into algorithms (from Computing and Maths), infrastructure (eg from CERN), phenomenology (from life and social sciences) and sensors. We believe that the chance of economic growth (and wider impact) is maximised by working across academic boundaries while respecting domain experts’ contributions (data are important, but demand more than machine learning alone).

Big Data has the potential to offer economic benefit across a range of commercial sectors. The premise of Liverpool Big Data Network (LBDN) is that breakthrough advances will emerge from pulling across the state-of-the-art in multiple disciplines to solve real problems. Our strategy is therefore to identify real problems by augmenting its pre-existing industrial links.