Jurassic Coast

by Ralph Pite

swimming the slight haphazard slopes as thoughts 

occur return out further out to look back at the town 

the new hotel. then spill of toe-deep waters 

gleams recedes. the wire-sharp horizon. sand volcano 

grey under blonde so brindled marbling ripples 

adrift resettles changed so breathe in time with the slur and hush 

and slur that drowns terrestrial noise. hopscotch 

castle-building. one rock black with lightning blaze of red. 


sea-ivory thrift and pinks a chalkland blue the fleshy glasswort 

all visible and all absently

pre-human. sea-fringe on Pangaea was this white salt foam. 

shingle’s clack and the scuttle of velvety 

ochre flints. the little shells fragmented. hiss from the sheer  

planed-back sand. and breakers letting fly.