Myth and Mystery: Things in Jars with Jess Kidd

Saturday 12 October 2019

Jess is joined in conversation by University of Liverpool English Professor (and mermaid expert!) Sarah Peverley for a discussion ranging from the mystical to the grotesque, all inspired by her 2019 novel, Things in Jars. Take a moment after the event to explore the plethora of things in jars among the VG&M collection – aided by the Nightmares in a Bell Jar app.


Winner of the 2016 Costa Short Story Award, Jess is the author of Himself, The Hoarder and her latest novel, Things in Jars. She is currently developing television projects with leading UK and international producers.

If there was an Oscar ceremony for books, then Jess Kidd’s Victorian mystery Things in Jars would surely sweep the board.

The Irish Times