Jenny Radcliffe

Psychology, security…. and the odd criminal heist with Jenny Radcliffe
Saturday 7 October, 7pm

Jenny Radcliffe, AKA ‘The People Hacker’, is a world-renowned ethical social engineer, con-artist and burglar for hire. She joins us to talk about some of her most memorable assignments and career highlights.


From her first jobs in and around Liverpool, to the houses of gangsters in Asia, rooftops in London and bank heists in Europe, this is a rollercoaster of a talk with anecdotes ranging from dangerous and risky, to bizarre and hilarious. Jenny shows how humans are always the most important part of security and how her Liverpool roots have been a key asset throughout her remarkable career. A regular commentator on television and radio on the subject of scams, cons and security matters, Jenny is the author of the bestselling book People Hacker - Confessions of a Burglar for Hire which will be made into a major television series in 2024.

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