Location of LiMRIC in Liverpool

How to find LiMRIC

LiMRIC is close to Liverpool City Centre, a few hundred yards from the Royal Liverpool University Hospital and Dental Hospital.  Whenever possible, we suggest that visitors come to LiMRIC on public transport to avoid traffic congestion. 

For visitors travelling by car from the North along the M6, we suggest you do not take the first turn off to Liverpool at Junction 23 (M58) as this can be problematic in driving through the city.  It is easier to turn off the M6 at junction 21 and take the M62 (West) as this is a more direct route.  At the end of the M62, travel straight on for about 3 miles along Ege Lane until you see a sign with a left arrow for University of Liverpool.  

There are roadworks preventing traffic travelling inbound on West Derby Street until March 2017.  When you come to the roadworks, turn left onto Grove Street, then frist right onto Paddington and first right again onto Crown Street.  At the end of Crown Street, take a sharp left to get to LiMRIC or travel a further 150 yards along Pembroke place until you come to Brownlow Street on the left maked by a 'P' symbol in the map below. This is the nearest public car park to LiMRIC.

LiMRIC is approached along Elizabeth Street in the direction of the red arrow (see map below and the second picture on the right which shows what LiMRIC looks like from the junction).

MARIARC location map  

Click here for a map with directions from the M62, Mersey Tunnels and Lime Street Station 

Click here for a map of the University campus showing visitor car parks

Click here to view pictures of the outside of LiMRIC to make it easier to find us when you arrive

Mobility impaired patients who are having a scan at LiMRIC

There is a car park outside of LiMRIC which has 4 disabled visitor bays and any patient who has impaired mobility or is a blue disabled badge holder may park there after the appropriate arrangement has been made. The car park has a barrier system which you cannot access unless a prior arrangement has been made for you to park there as a mobility impaired patient who is having a scan at LiMRIC.  Ask the person who you are visiting to make this arrangement for you well before the day of your scan.  At the barrier press the intercom button and wait for an answer, then give your name and the name of the person you are visiting over the intercom.  Once through the barrier, the front entrance to LiMRIC is about 150 yards along Elizabeth Street.  Park in one of the four marked LiMRIC visitor bays and ring the bell at the front door to gain access to LiMRIC.

When leaving the car park, give your name over the intercom for the barrier to be raised.

Visitors who are not having a scan at LiMRIC or who are not mobility impaired

If you are travelling to LiMRIC  by car and not having a scan, or you are not mobility impaired, you are advised to park in one of the 24 hour visitors car parks which are indicated on the map shown at http://www.liv.ac.uk/files/docs/maps/liverpool-university-campus-map.pdf 

Visitors may also obtain detailed auto-calculated directions to each car park at http://www.liv.ac.uk/maps/university-map/>.

Current charges for these car parks are: Peak (Monday to Friday, 07:30 - 17:29) 0 - 1 hr: £2.00 1 - 2 hrs: £3.00 2 - 3 hrs: £4.00 3 - 4 hrs: £5.00 Over 4 hrs: £6.00 (This fee buys up to 17:30, evening rates apply after)

Visitors to these car parks should take a ticket from the barrier machine when entering the car park. This will activate and raise the barrier. Before exiting the car park, you must pay the relevant charge at the pay station located within each car park. The ticket is then inserted in to the barrier machine on exit to raise the barrier. The pay stations accept both notes and coins but will not accept card payments.

If possible please use public transport to get to LiMRIC to prevent parking congestion.  Details of the University Travel Plan can be found at http://www.liv.ac.uk/facilities-management/travel_plan/  Please note that illegally parked vehicles may be wheel clamped (minimum release fee £30).