Clinical Patient Information

This page gives information for patients from the RLUH who are having a clinical scan at LiMRIC.

Your scan at LiMRIC will take place on the University campus about 1/4 of a mile from the RLUH main entrance.  Information about where LiMRIC is and how to get here can be found in the link at the left 'How to find us'.   The picture at the upper right shows the approach to LiMRIC along Elizabeth Street and the security barrier.  Disabled Blue Badge Holders may park in one of the four disabled parking bays outside of the LiMRIC main entrance by pressing the intercom button at the barrier and telling the security operator the reason for your visit.  Unauthorised vechicles may be wheel clamped (minimum release fee £30).   Information on where to park for patients who are not disabled is in the 'how to find us' link at the left.

The picture at the lower right shows the Prisma scanner in which you will have your scan.  The scanner is open at both ends.

When you arrive at LiMRIC you will be asked to fill in a form and remove all metal and valuables to a secure locker.  You can take the key to the locker with you while you have your scan, but for security reasons please don't bring unnecessary valuables.  You will be asked to change into a gown before you have your scan.

The staff may be contacted by phone on 0151 794 5633 on that day if you have any queries about your scan.