23rd Annual BC-ISMRM Meeting

 11-13 September 2017

Liverpool, UK




Day 1 – Monday 11 September 2017

13:00-14:00        Registration (speaker upload available)

14:00–17:00       Symposium: Role of Imaging in Regenerative Medicine – from cells to humans

Chair – Mark Lythgoe, UCL

14:00 – 14:45    Patricia Murray, UoL

Assessing the safety and efficacy of renal regenerative medicine therapies using in vivo imaging strategies                   

14:45 – 15:30     Daniel Stuckey, UCL

Cardiac imaging; the hero and the villain in the story of regenerative medicine

15:30 – 16:15     Divya Chari, Keele

Developing better cell therapies for neurological injuries: How can imaging technologies help?

16:15 – 17:00     Tammy Kalber UCL

Imaging Cell Therepy in Cancer

17:15 – 18:30     Optional – drink on your own at the Philharmonic Pub


19:30 onwards  Evening entertainment @ Ghetto Golf http://www.ghettogolf.co.uk/



Day 2 – Tuesday, 12 September 2017

08:00–08:30       Registration (speaker upload available)

08:45-08:50        Welcome

08:50-09:00        Sir Peter Mansfield: Celebrating invention – Peter Morris (Nottingham)

Session 1: Quantitative MR – how and why?

Chair: Penny Gowland (Nottingham) and Ian Marshall (Edinburgh)

09:00-09:30        Risto Kauppinen (Bristol)

Relaxometry and Brain Microstructure: Beyond T2*

09:30-09:40        Adam K Featherstone

Data-Driven Mapping of Hypoxia-Related Tumour Regions Using Combined DCE/OE-MRI: Cross-Validation with Threshold Method

09:40-09:50        Matin Mohseni

Magnetic Targeting and Imaging of Magnetic Nanoparticles to Subcutaneous Tumours

09:50-10:00        Mary Neal

Maximizing Performance of 19F MRI of Inhaled Perfluoropropane

10:00-10:10        Yolanda Ohene

Characterizing Blood Brain Barrier Permeability to Water in Mouse Brain Using Multiple Echo Time Arterial Spin Labelling


10:15-10:45        Break (speaker upload available)


Session 2: Cardiac Imaging – how fast?

Chair: Daniel Stuckey (UCL)

10:45-11:15        Jürgen Schneider (Leeds)

From mouse to man: Insights from (pre)clinical cardiac MR’

11:15-11:25        Camille Graff

Quantitative Multiple Boli Arterial Spin Labelling:  From Pulsed to Pseudo-Continuous Labelling

11:25-11:35        Ben Pippard

Pulmonary Ventilation Imaging with 19F-MRI of Inhaled Perfluoropropane Gas

11:35-11:45        Ammara Usman

Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Vertebral Artery Atherosclerois - A Feasibility Study


11:45– 12:45      Poster Pitch session 1

Chairs: Risto Kauppinen (Bristol) and Po-Wah So (KCL)


12:45-13:30        Lunch (speaker upload available)


Session 3: Paediatric MR – are children small adults?

Chair: Shivaram Avula (Alder Hey Childrens Hospital)

13:30-14:00        Christopher Clark (UCL)

Quantitaive MRI as a clinical tool in neuro-paediatrics

14:00-14:10        Thomas Leather

µMRI and DTI for Characterising the Trappc9 Mouse Model

14:10-14:20        Paola Porcari

Time-Dependent Diffusion MRI and Histology to Evaluate Age-Related Changes in Mouse Muscle Microstructure

 14:20-14:30        Harriet Rogers

Identifying necrosis in Wilms Tumours using diffusion MRI

14:30-14:40        Heather Rose

The Role Diffusion Tensor Imaging in the Characterisation of Paediatric Brain Tumours - A Multi-Centre Study


14:40 Poster Session 1 followed by Break (speaker upload available)


Session 4: Diffusion MR – how many ways?

Chairs: Derek Jones (Cardiff) and Andrew Blamire (Newcastle)

16:00-16:30        Thomas R Barrick (St.George's)

A (Not So) Random Walk Through Diffusion Imaging

16:30-16:40        Benjamin Hipwell

Simulating Diffusion MRI in Computational Models Derived From Real-World Mouse Colorectal Carcinomas           

16:40-16:50        Samantha Paterson

Using Diffusion Weighted Arterial Spin Labelling to Probe Blood Brain Barrier Permeability Using a Sleeping Sickness Mouse Model

16:50-17:00        Tom Roberts

Detecting Chemotherapy Response in Brain Tumours with Deep Learning Diffusion Fingerprinting (DLDF)

17:00-17:10        Nicholas Senn

Comparison of Diffusion MRI Q-Space Imaging (QSI) and Non-Gaussian Diffusion Models for Profiling Breast Tumour Microstructure Heterogeneity



19:00                       Dinner at the Cavern Club



Day 3 – Tuesday 13 September 2017


08:00- 08:30       Registration (speaker upload available)

08:45-09:15        Bill Moore Lecture – Penny Gowland (Nottingham)


Session 5: Perfusion MR – Research tool or added value?

Chairs: David Buckley (Leeds) and Tammy Kalber (UCL)

09:15-09:45        Martin Leach (ICR, London)

Tumour perfusion in cancer: informing diagnosis and treatment using MR

 09:45-09:55        Abigail Chahil

Application of Flow Sensitive Alternating Inversion Recovery in Measuring the Theraputic Effect of Prazosin an Adrenoceptor Blocker in Paracetemol Induced Liver Injury               

09:55-10:05        Leonidas Georgiou

Characterising Perfusion in Breast Tumours Using DCE- and DWI-MRI

10:05-10:15        Ian Harrison

Pharmacological Blockade of Aquaporin-4 Inhibits Glymphatic Inflow of Gadolinium into the Mouse Brain

10:15-10:25        Antoine Vallatos

Perfusion MRI as a Marker of Low Brain Tumour Infiltration


10:25-11:00        Break (speaker upload available)


Session 6: Understanding metabolism by MRS – do we really understand?

Chairs: Lu-Yun Lian (UoL) and Graham Kemp (UoL)

11:00-11:30        Kevin Brindle (Cambridge)

Metabolic imaging with hyperpolarized 13C-labelled cell substrates – from mouse to man

11:30-11:40        Adriana Anton

Glutamate Neurotransmisson Investigated by 13C-MRS and (1-13C) Glucose Infusion:  First Study in Schizophrenia at 3T

11:40-11:50        Kelly Bowden-Davis

Habitual Physical Activity, Independent of Moderate-Vigorous Activity, Predicts Amount of Liver Fat and Metabolic Health Status

11:50-12:00        James Grist

Dynamic Imaging of Porcine Brain Metabolism with Hyperpolarized 13C-pyruvate Before and After Breakdown of the Blood Brain Barrier


12:00-12:40        Poster Pitch 2

Chair: Mary McLean (Cambridge) Mark Lythgoe (UCL)


12:45-13:45        Lunch (speaker upload available)


Session 7: Non-conventional sequences in MRI: cutting edge or realistic implementation?

Chairs: Simon Keller (UoL) and Kumar Das (Walton Centre)


14:00-14:30        ASL – Laura Parkes (proponent), Shivaram Avula (opponent)

14:30-15:00        DTI for surgical planning –  Vijay Sawlani (proponent), Michael Jenkinson (opponent)

15:00-15:30        Clinical MRS – Franklin Howe (proponent), Graham Kemp (opponent)


15:30-16:30        Poster Session 2 & Break


Session 8: General Meeting, Award Presentations and Close

16:30-17:00        General Meeting

17:00-17:15        Awards

17:15-17:20        Meeting close





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