Photo of Dr Thomas Butts

Dr Thomas Butts D.Phil.

Programme Director for BSc Anatomy and Human Biology School of Life Sciences


Personal Statement

I am programme director for BSc Anatomy and Human Biology at the University of Liverpool. My research is centred on understanding the development and evolution of the vertebrate brain. In particular, we work on the control of neurogenesis in cerebellar granule progenitors, the largest progenitor population in the brain, using focal genetic manipulation in the developing chick embryo. Deep in the annals of evolutionary history, I read Cell Biology at the University of Durham and subsequently received my PhD from the University of Oxford in the evolution of homeobox genes in animals. Following this, I moved to King's College, London where my interest in the nervous system was honed, and before Liverpool was a lecturer in neurobiology on the Nanchang Joint Programme at Queen Mary, University of London.