Biological Sciences Review

About the magazine

Over more than three decades the Biological Sciences Review has become a major resource for all students and teachers of the biological sciences.

As a readable, highly visual magazine, it contains a lively mix of authoritative articles and topical columns, all directly relevant to A-level specifications, Scottish Highers and first year undergraduate courses.

University tutors frequently use articles and columns as a basis for tutorial assignments, while A-level examining boards have used material from the Review in their questions.

The magazine is published by Hodder Education, and its editorial home is the University of Liverpool.

Aims and Objectives

The Biological Sciences Review aims to bridge the gap between:

  • textbooks (which are at least a year out of date by the time they reach the bookshops),
  • the science sections of the daily newspapers (which give the 'facts' but little theory)
  • and scientific journals (which are largely inaccessible to students).

Coverage is broad, ranging from genetic engineering to conservation, from evolution to photosynthesis, from population control to the function of joints.

An online archive of back issues is available.

This website complements the published magazine.

Editorial board

  • Professor Liz Sheffield: Chair and Plant Sciences editor
  • Dr Ceri Harrop: Consultant Editor
  • Professor Catherine McCrohan: Cell Sciences
  • Professor Kevin Moffat: Biomedical Sciences
  • Professor Kevin O'Dell: Genetics
  • Martin Rowland: Consultant Editor

Editorial Assistant Max Drakeley email

Advisory panel

  • Mr John H. Bastin - Faculty of Health Education, University of Plymouth
  • Dr Ron Butler - Bramhall, Stockport
  • Professor Maynard Case - The University of Manchester
  • Professor Richard Cogdell - Institute of Molecular Cell & Systems Biology, University of Glasgow
  • Dr Liz Evans - Bridgwater, Somerset
  • Professor Mike Grant - Cheadle, Greater Manchester
  • Professor Blair Grubb - University of Dundee
  • Dr Dianne Gull - Oxford
  • Professor Keith Gull - University of Oxford
  • Dr M. R. Ingle - Oswestry, Shropshire
  • Professor Angus Lamond - Wellcome Trust Centre for Genetic Regulation & Expression, University of Dundee
  • Sir Paul Nurse FRS - Director of the Francis Crick Insititute, London
  • Janette Parry - Advanced Practitioner, Science/Health Care & Education, Trafford College, Manchester
  • Revd Dr M. Reiss - Cambridge
  • Mr A. G. Toole - Worcester