Photo of Dr Paul Knox

Dr Paul Knox PhD, MRSB

Reader in Vision Science Eye & Vision Sciences


    Personal Statement

    With a background in neurophysiology (including single unit recording in the visuomotor system), my research concerns behavioural approaches to visuomotor control. The behaviours being investigated range from different classes of eye movement (particularly saccades and smooth pursuit) to various aspects of vision. Some of our studies are about understanding the basic mechanisms in the central nervous system that drive visuomotor behaviour, how these develop and decline. Recent studies have ranged from the influence of "culture" on patterns of saccade latency to the long-term effects of malaria on the development of eye movements. Such studies are of interest both both because they provide information about the mechanisms underpinning visuomotor behaviour, and because of the close linkage between eye movements and cognitive processing. So our techniques can provide new ways of studying cognition. Working closely with colleagues in Ophthalmology allows us to conduct more clinically applied research into the early detection of important eye diseases like age-related macular degeneration, diabetic macular oedema and glaucoma. Currently we are investigating a shape discrimination test, deployed on an inexpensive mobile device, for the early detection of macular disease. The capabilities of mobile devices is an emerging theme in our research. We are also investigating whether they might play a role in imaging clinically important eye structures such as the optic disc. Further details can be found on my personal web pages.