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About our research

The assessment of ageing in cats project is generating a large body of much-needed data regarding current health and wellbeing of mature, senior and geriatric cats though the CatPAWS project and clinic at the University Veterinary Practice.

We follow pet cats who are registered at the University Veterinary Practice throughout their senior years to study the ageing process as it develops.  This enables fundamental scientific data to be generated about disease associations, progression and quality of life.  As well as improving our basic understanding of the ageing process, we aim to determine optimal strategies for managing senior patients, thereby maximising their quality of life.

Finally, we can study novel markers of the ageing process, that will enable us to determine what is ‘healthy ageing’ and provide insights into how both quality and quantity of life in our cats can be extended.  



Institute of Ageing and Chronic disease in the William Duncan Building; houses office space, laboratories and the biobanks for the projects.


The clinical work is performed in the University of Liverpool’s Veterinary practice, a purpose-built state-of-the-art veterinary practice based in the heart of Liverpool a short walk from the William Duncan Building. It houses a clinical laboratory and the pressure matt for gait analysis.