Ophthalmic Bioengineering and Image analysis


About our research

We are a group of multidisciplinary scientists and clinicians working on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of ocular disorders. We are bringing biomaterials and bioengineering principals to address important eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration and surface ocular disorders, and we are developing advanced imaging technologies for improved diagnosis.

More specifically we are developing advanced materials to address the growing burden of eye healthcare in our ageing population. Underpinning these developments is the design and production of advanced materials with key features that drive the biological response required to overcome the destructive nature of the disease. We are also developing materials that can deliver drugs to the eye in controlled and sustained ways to treat chronic conditions.

We are involved in the design of ultra-high resolution Optical Coherence Tomography and developing advanced algorithms to analyse the data from these and other imaging modalities.

We collaborate widely across the University, for example, with the School of Engineering, the Institute of Psychology, Health & Society and the Departments of Physics, Electrical Engineering and Electronics, Chemistry, Mathematical Sciences and Computer Science.

Within our biomaterials group we have expertise in materials design, development and characterisation including surface analysis and macromolecular and cellular interactions. In our imaging group we have expertise in image processing, pattern recognition and machine learning, with particular interest in computer aided diagnosis.