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The Wellcome Trust states that 'Making data available in a timely and responsible way ensures other research can verify it, build on it and use it to advance knowledge and make health improvements. Similarly, making software or materials... available to the research community supports reproducibility and can underpin further research.'

When and what to share?

At a minimum, data underpinning research papers should be made available to other researchers at the time of publication (including any software required to view datasets or replicate analyses).

However, where research data relates to public health emergencies, researchers must share quality assured interim and final data as rapidly and widely as possible, in advance of any journal publication.

Do I have to submit my DMP?

When applying for a grant you must consider how you are to manage and share anticipated outputs. Where these outputs are significant, that is they hold clear value as a resource for others (industry or academia), you will need to include an outputs management plan.

You will not usually need a plan if your study only generates small scale or limited datasets, which are unlikely to be of clear value to other users.

Can I include costs for data management in my application?

This outputs management plan will be reviewed when making the funding decision. The Wellcome Trust will fund any justified costs listed in the plan as part of the overall funding of the research, if you are successful in your application.

The Resources required section of the guidance contains more detail.

What is the normal retention period?

The Wellcome Trust requires research data to be maintained for a minimum of ten years although the guidelines on good research practice also state “research based on clinical samples or relating to public health might require longer storage to allow for long-term follow-up to occur”.

Where should I deposit?

In a repository appropriate for your particular data set. Wellcome Trust provides links for a number of data repositories and database resources.

How do I protect Intellectual Property?

The outputs management plan needs to set out the approach most likely to maximise adoption and use of the outputs by the wider research community, whether this be through open sharing or commercial licensing.

Consideration should also be given to the greater value your output may have if incorporated into an existing commercial or open resource rather than making it available as a standalone product.

Further guidance is available from their ‘Policy on intellectual property and patenting’

Further information

The DCC provides an overview of the funder policies as well as summarising the key points of the Wellcome Trust policy.

Sherpa/Juliet has a summary of Wellcome Trust data archiving policy.

For more information email the Open Research team at Wellcome Trust