Data is one the major outputs of STFC and a major source of its economic impact. The full STFC policy can be found on their website.

Do I have to submit my DMP?

A DMP is mandatory for most STFC schemes, except Public Engagement where scientific data is collected. It should be no longer than two A4 pages and attached to the JeS proforma.

Can I include costs for data management in my application?

Data management should use existing skills and resources. Any additional specialist staff, training or computational facilities required need to be justified if they are included in the grant proposal.

What is the normal retention period?

Minimum 10 years. Note for "data that by their nature cannot be re-measured", efforts should be made to retain them indefinitely.

Where should I deposit?

Data should be placed in a repository chosen to maximise the scientific value from the aggregation of related data.  This can be an Institutional repository or a discipline specific repository

How do I protect Intellectual Property?

It is reasonable for a research team to exploit the results of their research, including any intellectual property. If in a specific scientific field there are accepted norms as regards any proprietary period, these should be adopted. Generally, however, STFC expects published data to be made publicly available within 6 months of publication, unless there is a properly justified reason as to why this cannot happen.

Further information

The DCC provides an overview of the funder policies as well as summarising the key points of STFC policy.

Sherpa/Juliet has a summary of STFC data archiving policy.