Other funders

Blood Cancer UK

According to Blood Cancer UK's Project Grant Guidance, the charity 'expects valuable data, reagents and software arising from Blood Cancer UK-funded research to be made available to the scientific community with as few restrictions as possible so as to maximise the value of the research and for eventual patient and public benefit. Such data must be shared in a timely and responsible manner, making use of online open repositories, public databases and community-led reagent stores.'

Breast Cancer Now

Breast Cancer Now's Project Grant Application Guidelines state they are 'interested in finding out how researchers are sharing their research data, in addition to publishing in peer review journals and presenting at conferences'. It now requires a data sharing plan to be completed when applying for project grants.

As a member of the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI), Breast Cancer Now endorses the NCRI data sharing policy, and asks that researchers share the data generated from publicly funded research.

British Heart Foundation

Information on patient data and its use for research is available on the BHF blog.

Parkinsons UK

Parkinsons UK have a Data Sharing and Preservation Policy that states 'applicants seeking funding from Parkinson’s UK will be required to submit a data sharing plan as part of their research grant application'

All data arising from the research it funds should be made as freely available as possible, after privacy and intellectual property concerns have been accounted for. An exclusive period for the use of the data is allowed, after which the data should be shared as widely as possible, in an appropriate manner, for at least five years.