Publicly-funded research is seen as a valuable resource “that, where practical, must be made available for secondary scientific research”

Do I have to submit my DMP?

Data management plans are compulsory in any research proposal that will generate data with the exception of studentship applications. The ESRC Data Management Plan Guidance is to be used as reference point. Issues such as confidentiality, data ownership, copyright or subject anonymity should be considered prior to commencing research.

Can I include costs for data management in my application?

The cost of long-term preservation cannot be included in any grant proposal. However, the costs for activities relating to the preparation of data for curation and sharing are allowed.

The UK Data Service provides a costing tool to help budget for data management.

What is the normal retention period?

There is no stipulation as to how long data must be retained, so reference should be made to the UoL research data management policy.  However, data created or repurposed during an ESRC project must be made available for reuse or archiving within 3 months of the end of the grant.

Where should I deposit?

You can deposit anywhere, as long as the repository is a ‘responsible data repository’. That is the data will be made available under FAIR data principles, with as few restrictions as possible and the repository provides persistent identifiers. This can be an institutional repository.

ESRC fund the UK Data Service and in certain circumstances will explicitly state this data repository must be used.

Where the UK Data Service is not the repository of choice, a metadata record must be created there including the DOI provided by the original repository.

Further information

The DCC provides an overview of funder policies  as well as  summarising the key points of the ESRC policy.

Sherpa/Juliet summarises key points of the ESRC data archiving policy .