EPSRC-funded research data is a public good produced in the public interest and should be made freely and openly available with as few restrictions as possible in a timely and responsible manner.

Policy Framework

Clarification of Expectations

Data Management Plans

Project specific policies and plans need to be in place but data management plans do not need to be submitted as part of the grant application.

Costs incurred for managing data

You can include a funding request to support managing and sharing of research if your requirements are above what is provided by the University. Consideration should be given to staff resources needed to manage and prepare data. Costs incurred after the project ends are not included.

Normal retention period

Data required to validate your findings should be retained for 10 years, or 10 years after the date of its last use, that is either by the original researchers or third parties. Thus the retention period can be extended.

Sharing your data

Published results should always include a data access statement, which includes information on how to access the supporting data.

If access to your data is restricted there should still be a metadata record in an appropriate repository. This record should contain information about your data, why, when and how it was generated. It should include reasons for the restricted access and a summary of the conditions which must be satisfied for access to be granted.

Where to deposit your data

EPSRC does not specify a particular location. Researchers are expected to utilise institutional and subject based repositories.

Further information

Sherpa/Juliet provides a concise summary of the EPSRC data archiving policy.