Cancer Research UK

Any data funded by CRUK should be made as widely and freely accessible as possible. Refer to the policy and F.A.Q.'s on their website.

Do I have to submit my DMP?

Researchers will be expected to write a data management and sharing plan. Data sharing guidelines and practical guidance in writing a plan can be found on their website.

Can I include costs for data management in my application?

Yes, you can. CRUK recently removed the restriction on including costs associated with RDM - these can now be included within your budgeted grant proposals.

What is the normal retention period?

CRUK expects that data is available for sharing within the science community for five years after the project ends.

Where should I deposit?

Due to the diverse nature of research CRUK has opted not to be too prescriptive about where and how the data is shared, as long as it is shared. Where data cannot be shared, specific reasons must be given.

How do I protect Intellectual Property?

This is covered within the F.A.Q.'s 'Cancer Research UK supports the appropriate protection and use of patents and other intellectual property rights to maximise the opportunity to benefit patients. It may be necessary to delay data sharing and modify any data sharing plan to ensure that patient benefit can be maximised. If any researcher suspects that an invention has or may be made they are expected to notify their technology transfer office and Cancer Research Technology and to defer sharing any relevant data until the situation has been reviewed'.

Further information

The DCC provides an overview of funder policies as well as summarising the key points of the CRUK policy.

Sherpa/Juliet summarises key points of the CRUK data archiving policy.