In January 2018 AHRC announced a change of practice. From 29th March 2018 the requirement for a technical plan has been replaced and there will now be a requirement to submit a data management plan.

Do I have to submit my Data Management Plan (DMP)?

Yes and as of 29th March 2018 this will be mandatory for all Leadership Fellows, Research Grants and Follow on funding applications. It is not required for Research Networking.

We recommend you use DMPonline to complete your plan. Sign in using your UoL email and you can create, review and share plans.

Can I include costs for data management in my application?

The new guidance states the following in regards to the cost of sharing and retention.

‘Financial requirements of sharing – include full justification in the JoR’

‘Costs related to long term storage will be permitted providing these are fully justified and relate to the project. Full justification must be provided in Justification of Resources (JoR)’

Thus reasonable costs incurred in managing the data to enable sharing are allowable, as are the cost of longer term preservation after the end of a project.

What is the normal retention period?

The new guidance states that any DMP should indicate when data will become available to share. The AHRC requires that the data intended to be shared should be available for a minimum of three years after the end of a project, but the expectation is that a longer period may be appropriate in many cases.

If you do not plan to release the data in line with AHRC guidelines this will have to be justified in the DMP.

Where should I deposit my research data?

The AHRC expects you to make use of either a subject based or institutional repository when depositing data.

Further information

The DCC provides an overview of funder policies as well as summarising the key points of the AHRC policy.

The Archeology Data Service provides support and guidance for all stages of data management throughout the projects lifecycle.

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