Research Data and Research Data Management policies

Research data is the evidence that underpins all research conclusions (except those which are purely theoretical) and includes data that have been collected, observed, generated, created or obtained (from commercial, government or other sources) for subsequent analysis and synthesis to produce original research results. These results are then used to generate research papers.

Research data is anything and everything produced in the course of the research, irrespective of what form it is in.

Such data can be generated or collected for different purposes and through different processes.

Data can be observational, experimental, simulations, derived or compiled, referenced or canonical (a collection of smaller curated datasets i.e. chemical structures, spatial data portals).

The University has recently updated its Research Data Management policy.

Funder requirements

UKRI has published common principles on data policy shared by its seven constituent councils.

If your funder is not on our funder list and they have an RDM policy, please contact