Personal memories

A collection of memories from students of the University, and their experiences living as LGBT+ students in the city.

John Greenman Liverpool skyline

John Greenman (1969-1976)

BSc Life Sciences, BSc (Hons) Microbiology and PhD Oral Microbiology.

Peter Rimmer and Martin Ross Abercromby square in snow and sunset

Peter Rimmer (1972-1977) and Martin Ross (1973-1977)

BA (Hons) French and English Literature and PGCE and BSc Mathematical Physics and PGCE.

Chris Tsielepi VG&M building at dusk

Chris Tsielepi (1981-1983)


Paul Amann Liverpool skyline at night

Paul Amann (1991-1993 & 2003-2006)

BSc Information Studies and MBA Urban Regeneration.

Graham MacIntosh

Graham MacIntosh (1969-1972)

BA Sociology and Economics.

Liverpool LGBT Histories