What our students say

Amir Shehu

My favourite module, by far, has been studying Security, Conflict and the Law. It is honestly the most fascinating subject I have ever studied. When the UK is in a state of emergency, can/should the Government be able to violate human rights to protect the public at large? It may sound like a simple question, but through questions like this, the module takes you on an emotional roller coaster that leaves you questioning your moral compass. I highly recommend this module to everyone.  Another thing I love about my course is that we have a student law society for every career route. So, whether you want to be a barrister, a solicitor, an academic, or go into research – there are societies for each that will give you more information on your career choice and help you develop the skills you need to stand out.

Amir studied Law LLB (Hons)

Ja'far Al Sabbagh

Studying the LLM has been an invaluable learning experience. I was thrilled by the combination of proficient academics and practitioner’s staff as well as the diverse cultural and legal background of the students. The atmosphere of mutual knowledge exchange between experienced staff and distinct students did not only make us gain a wide understanding, but also allowed us to build great relations between each other.

Ja'far studied the Law LLM (general)

Chloe Lee

The reason I chose to study Law at the University of Liverpool was firstly because it is internationally renowned for its legal research and secondly because of the opportunities available for students. Also Liverpool city is fabulous place for students because of its many attractions and culture.

I had the opportunity to go abroad to China for one year and study Mandarin – something I hadn’t ever imagined I would do! In addition to this I have secured many work placements with the help of the Law school that will inevitably help me in my career. I also believe that the support I have received from many members of staff has been invaluable in my journey throughout University.

Chloe studied Law LLB (Hons)

Ruari McAlister

I was looking for not only the right course elements (a variety of interesting modules, experts in the field etc.) but also for a campus and a department that I liked. Liverpool offered me everything; a perfect course, from a reputable and leading institution that would be able to open up doors for the future. The combination of individuals in the class made the topics interesting with such a diverse array of views and also made networking so much easier. They also became dear friends over the course of the year.

Ruari studied the Law, Medicine and Healthcare LLM

Oleksandra Vytiaganets

The University embraces the young and defiant spirit of the City of Liverpool and traditional English educational values. Friendly academic staff enable us to discover our talents and develop skills essential for the highly demanding legal environment. Modern facilities and teaching methodologies, welcoming people, picturesque parts of the city and the nightlife have made my year unforgettable. The LLM has given me so many opportunities and opened countless doors for the future. If I had to choose again I'd still choose this University.

Oleksandra studied the LLM International Human Rights

Kerrie Caskie

I’ve known that I wanted to go into law for a long time and did quite a lot of work experience before starting my course at Liverpool. My aspiration is to do criminal law. It is a competitive field and will still take a lot of hard work and dedication, but I'm determined to get there.

Kerrie studied Law with Criminology LLB (Hons) through combined degrees

Kwan 'Vito' Pun

I had the privilege of interning in the Legal department under BW Group, one of the world’s leading global maritime shipping firms in oil and gas transportation. Through my internship in Singapore, which follows the common law legal system, I was able to experience what work is like for a practicing general council in a large, international company.

While traditional legal work experiences such as summer schemes or mini-pupillages are valuable for the CV, a lot of insight can be gained in other less explored options. I would encourage law students to develop their commercial awareness and legal thinking through non-conventional opportunities.

Vito studied the Law LLB (hons)

Ming Wong

I fell in love with the City of Liverpool while I was completing my undergraduate degree in law at the University of Liverpool. The university places high in academic rankings for law and is a globally recognised research-based university belonging to the Russell Group. As an international student, there’s something about the city, its culture and its people that makes me feel like it’s my second home.  I believe that one of the unique experiences of the programme is that it provides several opportunities for students; opportunities which go beyond the mere classroom environment, thus providing for a holistic learning experience. My internship has been beneficial in several ways, boosting my employability and enabling me to bridge the gap between the theory and practice of law.

Ming studied the International Human Rights LLM