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Prof Warren Barr LL.B (Hons), LL.M(Th), PFHEA

Honorary Recognised Supervisor Law


Equity and Trusts

Warren is a very experienced teacher in this area of law, and also co-author of a leading textbook on the area, now in the seventh edition: Pearce and Barr 'Pearce & Stevens' Trusts and Equitable Obligations' (Oxford University Press, 2018): Pearce & Barr Pearce & Stevens' Trusts and Equitable Obligations.

He was module leader of provision in this module for many years and led a successful restructuring of Equity & Trusts learning delivery in 2007 to improve student engagement and attainment. This involved a move from traditional tutorials to a learning café style group-working environment and supporting group-based essays and presentations. He currently provides some of the online teaching materials and supporting video resources for this module.

Land Law

Warren has been teaching and researching this area for many years, particularly aspects of landlord and tenant law. Warren is preparing a new, major textbook on Land law for Cambridge University Press, entitled ' Land Law: Understanding Real Property in England and Wales', which is due for publication in 2020.

He is the module leader for the Land Law module, which was redesigned in 2009 to make students active learners by replacing tutorials with optional drop-in sessions and compulsory essays and online tests. This has led to major improvement in student attainment. He remains a key part of the teaching and assessment team. and has presented on the challenges of teaching land law, and on the changes made to delivery in Liverpool, at the Re-imaginging the Teaching of Land Law event. A copy of the report can be downloaded here: Re-imagining Property Law Report

In the past, he taught a specialised, Level 6 property module, Commercial Real Property (retired from provision in 2014-15). This has been replaced by a new module, which he leads, entitled Social Dimensions in Property Law, which is more closely aligned to the social justice research identity of the Law School.

Charity Law

Warren's teaching interests in charity demonstrate a particular interest in the structure and governance of charities, the duties and obligations of trustees and boards of charities, and dealings with charity property. He currently teaches on the 'Debates in Charity Law' module, a FHEQ Level 6, optional module taught by members of the Charity Law and Policy Unit. His contribution is on 'Social Housing' each year, but has also included 'Anti-Terrorist Financing and Charity'. This module arose out of a one day, international symposium, hosted by the Charity Law and Policy Unit into the future of charity law and scholarship, details of which, including a summary report can be found here: CLPU Symposium

Modules for 2023-24

Land Law Dissertation

Module code: LAW037

Role: Teaching