Photo of Dr Samantha Currie

Dr Samantha Currie LL.B., Ph.D

Reader Law


Personal Statement

Samantha’s current research focusses on engagement of survivors of trafficking and ‘modern slavery’ with law and policy processes, with a particular focus on the nexus between migration and modern slavery. She is leading a Modern Slavery and Human Rights Policy and Evidence Centre project on access to legal advice and representation for survivors of modern slavery. In January 2021 she took up a British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship to conduct a socio-legal investigation into the role of lawyers who represent victims of trafficking.

Recently, Samantha has collaborated with colleagues on a British Academy-funded project on transparency in supply chains in the food and garment industries. She has also conducted a doctrinal study of how victims of trafficking are encountering and engaging with decision-making procedures in the UK.

Find a Supervisor

Samantha would be happy to hear from potential postgraduate research students about supervising projects in the following areas:

> Law and policy on trafficking and modern slavery;
> The relationship between immigration policy and anti-trafficking measures;
> Access to justice for victims and survivors of trafficking and modern slavery;
> The role of lawyers representing victims of trafficking and modern slavery.