Photo of Dr Samantha Currie

Dr Samantha Currie LL.B., Ph.D

Senior Lecturer Law


Personal Statement

Samantha is currently researching, through two projects, law and policy responses to modern slavery and victims of trafficking. She is, first, working on a British Academy-funded project on transparency in supply chains in the food and garment industries. Secondly, Samantha is carrying out a doctrinal study of how victims of trafficking are encountering and engaging with decision-making procedures in the UK.

Her previous work has covered aspects of EU law and migration, including: migration in the context of the EU’s eastern enlargement; Union citizenship; the cross-border posting of workers in the EU; and gender and migration. Samantha has published extensively in these areas, including on the rights of EU8 nationals under UK law, the rights of non-EU family members accompanying EU migrant workers, the situation of EU migrant children and their carers and the situation of the often-vulnerable migrant workers in irregular employment.