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Professor Nicola Barker LLB, PhD

Professor of Law Law


Marriage and Conjugality

My research in this area has included work on same-sex marriage, civil partnerships, gender equality in marriage, feminist critiques of marriage, and the legal recognition of non-conjugal relationships.

Human Rights in the UK

This project seeks to provide a feminist critique of the UK's Human Rights Act 1998 and examine the debates surrounding the proposal for a British Bill of Rights. This is funded by a BA mid-career fellowship 2018-2019.

British Overseas Territories Constitutional Law

I am particularly interested in the history of Bermuda's Constitution Order 1968, and two aspects of the contemporary relationship between Bermuda and the UK: LGBT rights in particular and the protection of human rights in general; and the UK's reserved powers in relation to Bermuda.

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Research Grants

From the Human Rights Act to the British Bill of Rights: A Feminist Perspective


October 2018 - December 2021

Research Collaborations

Centre for Justice

Project: Bermuda Constitution Project

A project evaluating the Bermuda Constitution and making recommendations for reform based on public consultation.