Photo of Ms Lucy Yeatman

Ms Lucy Yeatman

Lecturer Law


    Legal Education

    Lucy is an active member of the Legal Education Research Network and is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She is a regular speaker at legal education conferences and has a particular interest in clinical legal education.

    “Family Court Help Desk – Innovative Service for Litigants in Person or Letting the Government off the Hook?” a paper given at the IJCLE Annual Conference, July 2016

    “Students as Partners” a paper given at the ALT Annual Conference March 2016

    “Assessing Research Skills” a paper given a one day conference, 50 years of Assessment in Legal Education January 2015

    “Learning Spaces Design” and “The use of i-pads in learning law” – 2 papers given at the ALT annual conference 2014

    “Embedding legal research skills teaching into the LLB curriculum” Presentation at a one day conference on teaching legal research skills at the IALS, February 2014

    Reading Cases Research Project – a research project funded by the Legal Education Research Network exploring how and when students read and what factors motivate them. I have given a number of talks on this project at conferences and to legal publishers.

    “Encouraging Active Learning in Lectures” at the Society for Socio-Legal Scholars Annual Conference April 2012

    “Bridging the Gap between Law and Reality in South East London” International Journal of Clinical Legal Education Conference, July 2008

    Sexual Orientation and Family Law

    Lucy is interested in the regulation of alternative families and has presented a number of conference papers on the subject.

    “Mother, Father, Parent – What’s in a name” A paper to present the preliminary findings of an empirical research project designed to explore, through the use of questionnaires and follow up interviews the importance which “the public” place on both social and genetic ties in parenting. Given at the Society for Socio Legal Scholars Annual Conference April 2013 with Kim Everett

    “Let them Drink Cocktails; A paper to explore some of the themes emerging in the world-wide campaign for lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender equality” at the Society for Socio-Legal Scholars Annual Conference April 2012

    “The natural parent presumption” at Annual Conference of Society of Legal Scholars, Keele University, September 2009

    “The Child’s Need for a Father” at Gender, Responsibility and Legal Change, Sussex University, July 2008

    “Discrimination and the Children of Gay Parents” Fourth World Conference on Family Law and Children’s Rights, April 2005

    “Same Sex Marriage in Common Law Jurisdictions, a matter for the legislature or the judiciary?” The Commonwealth Legal Association Conference, September 2005