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Alphabetical health information. Health conditions are listed in alphabetical order, with links to resources that have been reviewed for ease of reading and for quality.

A to Z Health conditionAnimalOnline resource
A Abscess (rabbit)    Rabbit Welfare 
  Abscess (cat) PDSA
  Addison’s disease (hypoadrenocorticism) (dog) Willows
  Alabama Rot (CRGV) (dog)  

Anderson Moores

  Arthritis (dog)  

Canine Arthritis

B Bladder stones (dog)    Hills Pet 
  Blood pressure (high) (cat)    (see Hypertension) 
  Broken bones (fractures)     The Kennel Club 
C Cardiomyopathy (cat)     I Cat Care org 
  Cataracts (dog)    PDSA 
  Cat Flu Blue Cross
  Cruciate rupture (dog)    NDSR 
  Cushing’s disease (dog)    Acorn House Vets 
  Cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy (CRGV)    (see Alabama Rot) 
D Dental problems (rabbit) Rabbit Welfare
  Diabetes (dog)   Blue Cross
  Diarrhoea (cat) Purina
  Diarrhoea (dog)   Vets Now
  Dislocating patella/kneecap    (see luxating patella)
E Ear infections (rabbit) Pet Plan
  Epilepsy   (see seizures)
F Feline immunodeficiency virus (cat) I Cat Care org
  Feline leukaemia virus (cat)   I Cat Care org
  Fits   (see seizures)
  Flu (cat)    Blue Cross
  Food allergy (cat)   Hills Pet
  Food allergy or intolerance (dog)    Hills Pet
G Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV) (dog)   Oscars
  Gut stasis (rabbit) Vets Now
  General anaesthesia       Vet Specialists
H Hip dysplasia (dog)   Willows
  Hyperadrenocorticism (dog)   (see Cushing’s disease)
  Hypertension (cat)   Cats
  Hypoadrenocorticism (dog)   (see Addison’s disease)
  Hyperthyroidism (cat)   Feline Friends
I Itchy skin (dog)   PDSA
  Inguinal hernia (dog and cat)    Pet Carer X
K Kidney failure (cat)   (see Renal failure)
  Knee replacement (dog)   NDSR
L Lungworm (dog)   My Pet and I
  Luxating patella (dog)   Weighbridge Vets
  Liver disease (cat)   Hills Pet
M Mammary cancer (cat)   Vet 
  Mammary cancer (dog)    Animal Cancer Trust (then click on 'mammary tumors in dogs' 
  Mast cell tumours (dog)   Vet Specialists
  Myxomatosis (rabbit) Rabbit Welfare
N Neutering (dog)   Blue Cross
  Neutering (cat)   Cats
  Neutering (rabbit)   Rabbit Welfare
P Pyometra (dog)   Mi Pet Cover
R Renal failure (cat)   Hills Pet
  Resipiratory disease (rat, mouse) Pet Coach
  Ringworm (cat)   I Cat Care org
S Seasonal canine illness (SCI) (dog)   AHT
  Seizures (dog)   PDSA
T Toxoplasmosis (cat)   Cats
  Tumors (rat)
U Umbilical hernia (cat and dog)      Go Pet Plan
V Viral haemorrhagic disease (rabbit)   Goddard Vet Group
W Wet tail (hamster)
  Wet tail (rabbit)   Cotton Tails Rescue


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