Banner image of a bed sheet with the text 'Let's Talk About Sexual Violence - Challenging Rape Myths: An Artful Intervention'

Let's Talk About Sexual Violence

Challenging Rape Myths: An Artful Intervention

Let’s Talk About Sexual Violence is an interdisciplinary project.

It follows on from research and knowledge surrounding sexual violence from numerous colleagues at the University of Leicester and other Higher Education Institutions, along with legal and specialist practitioners working in the East Midlands region.

As part of its role as a HeForShe impact Champion, in February 2018, The University of Leicester held an Ideathon where students were asked, how can we tackle gender-based violence? A visual art project was suggested as one of three key concepts to portray the real life experiences. The Let’s Talk About Sexual Violence exhibition evolved as a result of these conversations.

While the Ideathon played a catalyst role, this initiative was ultimately ignited through a global response to sex related crime, amidst austerity measures which have led to the closure, or threat of closure, of hundreds of specialist support services and refuges, despite increased demand. This collaboration between academics, activists, artists, practitioners, students, survivors, university and sexual violence support services, allows us to challenge insidious and entrenched myths and misconceptions regarding rape and sexual assault, with a collective voice.

In highlighting the ongoing and prevalent threat of sexual violence, we hope that legal, criminal and social justice organisations will commit to improving their response to the problem, invest in prevention and the rebuilding of trust, autonomy and a sense of safety amongst victims/survivors. This work is generously supported by the Office for Students (OfS) and the University of Leicester Standing Together Initiative.

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